Lectures/Trunk Shows

“Marbling/ Ebru”

Is the Ancient Art of printing multi-coloured patterns/images on fabric or paper. The patterns are formed by first floating the paints on the surface of a suspension liquid, then laying the treated fabric/paper on top of the design where it is absorbed. Each panel is a mono print.Nancy will walk you through the process that has been used for thousands of years to decorate paper, fabric and dimensional objects.

My Quilted Path

I didn’t start out to be a quilter--it is all my Mothers Fault. A humorous and inspirational trail of fibre and thread. From my first quilt long ago to today’s imagination gone viral.

Quilted Clothing--Step Away From the Box

Quilted clothing does not have to be boxy or heavy, shape and style can be combined with your favourite quilting designs adding fancy threads, couching and other embellishments you can create a one of a kind garment that everyone will drool over.--You can do it, give it a try. Your favorite pattern style, your favorite colours, your favorite stitching designs, your favorite fabrics and your favorite threads all come together as you create a masterpiece you can wear.

Marbling Workshop

A step by step introduction to this ancient art form.This hands on workshop will take you through all of the steps, tools and techniques used to create your very own marbled fabric panels. We will cover:

  • Choosing and preparing your fabric
  • How to prepare your suspension medium
  • How to make your own tools and brushes
  • Learning how to create traditional marbling designs, explore suminagashi and Ebru pictorial designs
  • Printing your designs on fabric